Chemical labeling is perhaps one of the most common labels we see, either as a "stand alone" label or as part of a product label, we are fully familiar with the GHS system and supply many chemical label users.      

When dealing with dangerous goods a clear concise label is a critical, and can be a legal requirement. Trust us with your dangerous goods labels. Any sector, any application, any environment, our labels will survive the most testing of environments.

The labeling of chemical drums and vats is critical and must conform to BS5609. If the environment in which the chemicals are stored and shipped is harsh, if the container is subject to handling or is at risk from water or salt water immersion or chemical seepage or leakage, it is vital that the labeling does not deteriorate. The label must stay put and be readable at all times. In clinical trial laboratories and hospital environments, using the correct labels can be a matter of life or death.


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