Today we thank Richard for 20 years service. Richard join us on our rewind/inspection machines, when we where sited in Moira, he soon moved to our Hot Foil presses and, through spending time during his lunch to learn the basics, was soon operating the Flexo presses. Now overseeing our production and purchasing, his drive and enthusiasm shows no sign of slowing up and as we move forward and plan for the next phase and towards future investments, Richard`s knowledge and experience will be key.

We hope you enjoy flying the Drone and we look forward to the next 20 years with you!

We are pleased to be sponsoring the Best Leadership Award in the Lichfield Live Community Awards, to be held in September.

We were very happy to win the Business Contribution to Volunteering Award in the 2019 Support Staffordshire Awards, and when the opportunity of supporting these awards arose, we saw it as a chance to say "thank you" for the support we had in winning last year.

We wish all of the nominees the best of luck and will advise of the winners during September.

With the current pandemic, we unfortunately will not be able to present the award in person.    

You can see the shortlist of finalists - Here

Firstly, we hope that you and yours are well and that and the last Months have not been too testing.

Like most people we guess, we found April and May somewhat strange, unsure of what each day would hold, traveling to work on empty roads, getting to grips with the concept of Furlough, daily cleaning, "sneeze screens", the battle to find hand wash, oh, and toilet roll!, while recently sourcing masks and face coverings. For us social distancing was / is not to much of an issue, we are blessed with room, staggering lunch times and coffee making breaks was also easy. Like many peoples holidays and events, our training / team building days have been cancelled, along with many exhibitions we had planned to attend. We also missed welcoming the cyclists on the Ride Lichfield Sportive, as in previous years we had been set to provide the half way feed station.  

As each day, week passed we where lucky to have a good flow of orders. In the first weeks, many for medical and pharmaceutical use. Food labeling and labels for hand sanitiser kept us busy for a while, and the boom in on-line shopping and home delivery meant that sales to our logistics and delivery customers kept the presses running in May. June we saw a more normal Sales profile as our retail customers prepared to re-open their doors. Into July and to be honest, we are as busy as ever, and for this we thank you!

Going forward, busy as we are now, it is hard to say how long this will last, "local lock-downs" could have effect, we are seeing that the situation in Leicester currently is causing some delay in promised orders, but, as ever we remain positive that things will improve.

It is great to see many returning from Furlough and hearing the stories connected, for many it does seem to have been a mainly positive experience. Those working from home, have it seems enjoyed this but also been frustrated, both by the isolation and the fact "that file I need is in the office!"
It is true that we are having to convert some urgent orders, as Companies returning from closures have found that stock is low, or last deliveries cannot be found, we will do our best to help in these situations. 

So, we are here, we are busy producing labels and would love to hear from you, either to place an order, get a quote, or if you need, just for a catch up!  

Stay Positive and Stay Safe

Today, the 18th May, we thank Steve for 10 years service.

With the first of our service milestones in 2020, we thank Steve for his 10 years service. It is difficult currently to do more than share a few cakes, but we are our grateful for all of your efforts Steve - while here at Secura he can be found either working our "goods in" or converting plain labels, at home happy with his Guinea Pigs and on his PC Games, but once "lockdown" is over he cannot wait to get back to a snooker hall! - keep up the good work!

It would be fair to say that around 50% of the labels we produce are "plain", supplied for use on thermal transfer / direct thermal printers or printed and applied through automatic application. We also supply labels to be used in inkjet printing machines or as fan-folded for use in various machines, including Braille printing, or sheets for use in laser/copier machines.

We are equipped with a range of automated finishing lines to allow us to efficiently produce plain labels, these include turret rewinders, automated folding lines and sheeter.   

The range of material / adhesive utilised is vast, from simple vellum / semi-gloss papers to specialised polyesters and other synthetic materials. Adhesives range from standard "perm", to window peel, hi-tack for tyres and other difficult to adhere to surfaces, along with a range of sustainable products. We work with the leading industry material manufacturers to ensure we can offer the best options in terms of performance and price.    

Our libary of cutters is around 3,000 and growing, so in the majority of cases we are able to offer a stock cutter close to the requested size.     

We are also able to supply and support all of your printer needs, from thermal transfer ribbons, spares, service plans and machines.

Generally supplied in the following formats -

  • Rolls on 19mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 25mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 38mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 44mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 76mm i/d cores
  • Roll qtys from 50 per roll
  • Fanfolded
  • Sheeted


We are pleased to have taken delivery of our new Bar Graphic iSR rewinder, see short video here. This will replace one of our "aging" machines, so improve the day to day operation, but also will now allow us to supply labels on 19mm i/d cores, something that has not been possible for us before. If you would like more information please call us - 01530 515170.

We are now also FSC Chain of Custody certified, again, if you need more information around this, please contact us. Our number for reference is CU-COC-807273-EK.

The team have been busy during January, not only achieving the FSC certification, but also having our ISO9001 Audit, we we passed without any issue, while we have also welcomed Avery Dennison for discussion around sustainable materials and Flint Inks for some practical ink usage training / re-training.




2019 saw some progress towards a wider offering of "green" materials and adhesives. We touched on this during the year, see here - - and indeed sent samples of some options. If you have any questions or would like samples then please contact us.

Grass paper, offers excellent credentials, using 97% less energy and 99% less water, while offers CO2 savings of around 25% when compared to a standard wood pulp processing, however the "colour" and "finish" of this product we would guess are hurdles to this product becoming widely used. To confirm, this product is NOT biodegradeable or compostable. 
(Grape, Marble and other options are also available, however these are a route to offering products from sustainable sources rather than offering the same resource savings.) 

Several manufacturers are now able to supply "compostable" adhesives on semi gloss and "Eco" Thermal papers along with some some filmic products, however, while we have supplied some labels already, these options are currently expensive, the raw material around 3 - 4 times the cost of equivalent "standard" products. We are sure, that once the demand grows we will see an improvement in pricing. 

Material produced from recycled paper, PE etc, are more widely available, one offering of a semi gloss paper,is also supplied on a backing produce from 15% recycled product, these have lower MOQ and are less price sensitive, some with very little increase on a standard material.

Linerless technology / labelstocks are also coming to the market, the feeling around these is that they are aimed at the high volume runs, currently they will also need to be applied through applicators made to suit each material, so investment is also needed in applicator lines. So, these options could be expensive, but would remove the waste backing paper, which due the silicone is hard to recycle.         

It is fair to say that more options are talked about and "we" need to start using and supplying labels produced from some of the above, something we are currently looking at.

Carbon Capture - For our most of our none adhesive materials, we are now offsetting carbon via the Woodland Trust carbon capture scheme - more here - 

New Arrivals - 
Its a new year, and we are looking forward to some new arrivals here, firstly a new anilox cleaner, this should allow better colour consistency and less "down" time. 

Next a new re-winder, which is a direct replacement for one of our old machines, and while will improve efficiency, more importantly, will make the operators life a little easier.    
It does though have the capability to use 19mm I/D cores, something we have struggled with before.

It seems only days since we looked back on 2018, yet here we are reviewing 2019!

The year for us was planned as consolidation on 2018 and 2017, but has turned out to be one of some growth. We will have exceeded the sales of 2018 by some 15% and returned a 4% improvement against Budget. This has been down to a massive effort from the staff who have not only worked long hours, but stepped up to help however and whenever they could. This resulted in October being our best ever sales Month, a 10% increase on our previous best set in 2014. November also exceeded many previous Months, as our 5th best Month, while the year should prove to be our second best ever in terms of sales. 

We will have received around 5,500 orders from nearly 400 individual customers, with over 500,000,000 labels being produced.    

Alongside thanking the staff, we also pass our thanks to all of our customers, much of the growth this year has been from our existing customer base and we thank you for your loyalty, also our suppliers for their continued support, backing and help, and also hospitality at several events this year.      

We have already started our next line of capital investment and will be receiving delivery of a new re-winder in early 2020, this the start of a proposed 18 - 24 Month program. We must thank our Board, shareholders and all at Pemberstone - - for their backing and support of not only this investment, but more generally over the year.

Alongside the hard work and long hours, we have also enjoyed some other activity, our training days at cutter suppliers, Kocker and Beck, were both informative and enjoyable, while the visit of the Treat Truck (ice cream "van") in the heat of the Summer was most welcome. We also "enjoyed" or "endured" the go-cart based quiz afternoon, depending on your view! This year we have also "sponsored" a Christmas Tree at the Lichfield Cathedral Christmas Tree Festival, Jane and Rachel enjoyed an afternoon out to both "dress" the tree, and wonder around the wonderful building while also seeing the other trees in the festival.

Our support of the Re:Cycle Lichfield project was recognised as we won the Business Contribution to Volunteering award at the Support Staffordshire Star Awards night. On behalf of Re:Cycle Lichfield, we again hosted the feed stop on their sportive cycle ride, which saw over 200 riders call in... not all at once!, and we were most pleased to welcome several friendly faces from suppliers, customers and competitors among them.           



We are pleased to report that the majority of our none adhesive product will now be Carbon Captured, with the CO2 released from the production of the material offset via the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Tree Planting scheme and administrated through our suppliers Premier Paper, we hope to join a tree planting event with them both very soon.

This is a small step, but along with our efforts to be able to offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, one we hope to expand on.

We will be looking at our own emissions during 2020 and looking at how we can start to "offset" these, this covering our energy use, transport of goods and travel by staff.