Firstly, we hope that you and yours are well and that and the last Months have not been too testing.

Like most people we guess, we found April and May somewhat strange, unsure of what each day would hold, traveling to work on empty roads, getting to grips with the concept of Furlough, daily cleaning, "sneeze screens", the battle to find hand wash, oh, and toilet roll!, while recently sourcing masks and face coverings. For us social distancing was / is not to much of an issue, we are blessed with room, staggering lunch times and coffee making breaks was also easy. Like many peoples holidays and events, our training / team building days have been cancelled, along with many exhibitions we had planned to attend. We also missed welcoming the cyclists on the Ride Lichfield Sportive, as in previous years we had been set to provide the half way feed station.  

As each day, week passed we where lucky to have a good flow of orders. In the first weeks, many for medical and pharmaceutical use. Food labeling and labels for hand sanitiser kept us busy for a while, and the boom in on-line shopping and home delivery meant that sales to our logistics and delivery customers kept the presses running in May. June we saw a more normal Sales profile as our retail customers prepared to re-open their doors. Into July and to be honest, we are as busy as ever, and for this we thank you!

Going forward, busy as we are now, it is hard to say how long this will last, "local lock-downs" could have effect, we are seeing that the situation in Leicester currently is causing some delay in promised orders, but, as ever we remain positive that things will improve.

It is great to see many returning from Furlough and hearing the stories connected, for many it does seem to have been a mainly positive experience. Those working from home, have it seems enjoyed this but also been frustrated, both by the isolation and the fact "that file I need is in the office!"
It is true that we are having to convert some urgent orders, as Companies returning from closures have found that stock is low, or last deliveries cannot be found, we will do our best to help in these situations. 

So, we are here, we are busy producing labels and would love to hear from you, either to place an order, get a quote, or if you need, just for a catch up!  

Stay Positive and Stay Safe