It would be fair to say that around 50% of the labels we produce are "plain", supplied for use on thermal transfer / direct thermal printers or printed and applied through automatic application. We also supply labels to be used in inkjet printing machines or as fan-folded for use in various machines, including Braille printing, or sheets for use in laser/copier machines.

We are equipped with a range of automated finishing lines to allow us to efficiently produce plain labels, these include turret rewinders, automated folding lines and sheeter.   

The range of material / adhesive utilised is vast, from simple vellum / semi-gloss papers to specialised polyesters and other synthetic materials. Adhesives range from standard "perm", to window peel, hi-tack for tyres and other difficult to adhere to surfaces, along with a range of sustainable products. We work with the leading industry material manufacturers to ensure we can offer the best options in terms of performance and price.    

Our libary of cutters is around 3,000 and growing, so in the majority of cases we are able to offer a stock cutter close to the requested size.     

We are also able to supply and support all of your printer needs, from thermal transfer ribbons, spares, service plans and machines.

Generally supplied in the following formats -

  • Rolls on 19mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 25mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 38mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 44mm i/d cores
  • Rolls on 76mm i/d cores
  • Roll qtys from 50 per roll
  • Fanfolded
  • Sheeted