With orders for October and forward into November still arriving in unprecedented numbers, causing us to be working extended days and weekends, taking an afternoon out was not an easy thing to do, but our "team building" event was booked, the sun was shinning and anticipation was high!  

The staff where unaware of the details of the event, but following the short trip to Moira furnace, adjacent to the home of Secura Labels for some years before our move to Measham, the details of the event where given out, a Go Cart based quiz........ 

The 3 teams of 5 headed to CBT, supplier of the carts for day, a quick briefing and the first team heading off, the rest of the staff enjoying a nice piece of cake and drink. Unfortunately neither Tom or Steve had quite understood the "team" aspect and both had soon disappeared into the distance, only to be seen again when the remainder of the team finished. Jane and Chet (Simon making up the numbers) did well, in fact scoring highest in the quiz and recording the second fastest time to be "crowned" the winners!

Team two, Rachel, Richard, Chris, Steve and Andy, recorded the second best quiz score, and second fastest time, which when combined places them last.

Team three, Becky, Ian, Steve, Tim, with Tom having a second go as "punishment" for leaving his first team behind, placed the fastest time by 10 minutes, but by far the worst quiz score 11.5 out of 15. Their fast cart time though placed them second.

We did expect some aching bodies the following morning, and there where, but plenty of smiles where spotted during the afternoon - some pictures can be seen HERE.

Thanks to Moira Tea Room and CBT, and the staff for being such sports!