There has been, and rightly so, much in the news recently regarding food labeling, particularly regarding allergens. We have staff here who could be affected by poor information in this area and so can understand why the issues are causing concern. We also ask ourselves, "what can we do?", "could we do more?" The unfortunate reality here is that we can do little, we can advise when a barcode is too small to print/read, give out thoughts on design, font size and readability, but advising what needs to go on a particular label, that is much more difficult.

We have had "start ups" in the food and beverage sector who have expected that has we already produce, say a  "chicken salad" sandwich label for their competitor, then we know what ingredients to put on their label, this could not be further from the truth. What butter, what salad dressing, could all change the information required, and so it is down to the customer to ensure that the information is correct. We can do our best to point people in the right direction, but for us to be fully knowledgeable on the latest information on food declaration, alongside what needs to be listed on chemicals, shampoo, electrical products etc..... would just not be possible.

There are plenty of useful websites to look at - a good starting point is here

Should you have any questions on your food labeling, what detail you need to have printed on chemicals or the information to be listed on cosmetics, then do give us a call - 01530 515170 - and we will do our best to either advise or point you in the right direction.