2018 -

As for many, the year started with a healthy January, however this was followed by several Months of lower than predicted sales for us, but as we reach the end of the year, the picture is a lot brighter. We will have exceeded our Sales for both 2016 and 2017, while we will have reached "budget" figures for each of the last six Months of the year, and are already carrying a good order intake over to January and February. 

We will have produced just short of 500,000,000 labels, spread over 5,200 orders for 320 customers! We also produced the largest order in our 35 years, one job at 223,300 liner mts, our average job is around 20,000mts! We also sent out around 6,500 quotes. 

During 2018 we said several "goodbyes" and "hellos", Mikey, Karen, Pip and Chloe all moved on to new ventures, while we welcomed Andy, Steve and Rachel to Secura.

We look now to 2019, and if the past few Months and forward order intake is anything to go by, then the year looks to be following on from the end of 2018, and so we again look forward to being busy! We have some price increases from our raw material suppliers on the horizon, while the uncertainty regarding "Brexit" seems to be never far from some customers thoughts. We will be looking to increase our "stock" in the run up to 29th March and will advise our plans should a "no deal" option look likely.   

So, to you all, Customers, Suppliers, Staff and our Board, we wish you a restful Christmas break and a successful New Year!