Simon cycles a lot and he is now trying to tempt the work force to join the dark side and cycle with him! Well, perhaps not with him, but at least a little more often...

First he made us take part in Cycle to Work Day in August, which only our Marketing Manager Pip was crazy enough to partake in. (Mostly because she only lives up the road and was promised a free breakfast.) And now this month he has signed us up to Cycle September. You can take part as an individual or recruit the workforce to take part as well. The more people that you get involved, the more chances you have at topping the leader board and winning prizes! I think it's safe to say we won't be making a dent in the leader board this time around, however Simon lives in hope! He wants to encourage his workforce to move around a little more and get fitter and healthier doing so, and to him there is no better way of doing that than on a bicycle! 

Simon says that “cycling into work really does help clear the head and ready you for the day ahead, but I appreciate the distance and the extra time needed means that not everyone is able to enjoy the pleasure!”    

If you want to get your workforce involved there is still time to join in and you can find out more about it. Here is hoping that Simon's good influence rubs off on us soon!