If you want to know the best way of marketing your labels then read the tips below to ensure the very best for your labels.


  • Know Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

If you don’t know what your USP is then ask your marketing team – find out what makes you unique and better than your competitors and then make sure your labels present that USP. Your USP has to fit in with your brand and be something that your customer will recognise. Are you the bestselling product in 2017? Are you the cheapest? The tastiest? The easiest to use? Find out what your USP is, and make sure your labels shout about it!

  • Ensure Continuity In Your Branding

Your brand is something that represents you and everything your company does and makes – which means your branding should be the same whether it’s the colours on your e-mail signature, the logo on your website, or the labels on your products/packaging. Make sure you’re using the same colours, the same fonts and the same logos and images. You want your brand to be easily and quickly recognised by the people that love your products, so don’t let your labels let you down. 

  • Stand out!

If your branding is on point and your USP is on display then the last thing you need to do is stand out and look good doing it! The right kind of label is essential in making your product stand out to potential browsing customers. Think about using eye grabbing images, bright colours and a bold logo (stay in brand). Make people who have ever used your product do a double take and notice you and make sure your loyal customer base can find you.

Follow these 3 top tips for making the best labels for your products and you can’t go far wrong.

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