We took some time to catch up with one of our Printers, Steven Strong this week after celebrating his 10 year work anniversary at Secura Labels. We decided to find out a little more about how he got the job and his best bits during his 10 years.


Do you remember you first interview at Secura? What do you think made you stand out from other applicants? 


I remember my first interview very well. I'd delivered my CV by hand and then started to drive off the car park when my phone rang. It was the manager of Secura at the time and he'd asked me if I'd liked to come in for an informal chat and to see what I thought. So that's what I did. My address at the time was in Grimsby but I was staying with family in Swadlincote during the week for personal reasons. The manager thought I was heading back to Grimsby so called me in promptly for an interview. I've no idea why I stood out (you'll have to ask Simon) He probably took pity on me for being a long suffering Coventry City fan. The rest they say is history. 10 years later I'm still here!


What is your best memory in your 10 years at Secura Labels?


I have many memories of things that happened such as the explosion scare from the unit next door to our unit. There was a loud bang and then the next 20 mins was pandemonium, we were evacuated from our premises by the police and told to completely vacate the area no collecting anything  So we all walked up to Measham High Street. Richard had forgotten he'd still got a 'knife for work' in his pocket and panicked and gave it to a passing policeman on way. We were trying to get the pub landlord to take pity on us and give us a drink but none obliged - I think we got a cup of tea off someone in the end. It was a good few hours before we could return to work. Another memory was the moving of premises to a bigger unit. This was exciting for all but also hard work at the time. Moving machinery, cleaning up etc.


What’s your favourite part of the job?


Best part of job I suppose is knowing you've hit budget. It takes a lot of hard work to do that from all staff so we're in it together really. I've seen a lot of changes in 10 years, I'm sure I'll see more in the next 10.


What is your ‘top tip’ for working as a printing operative at Secura Labels?


My top tip for working as a printer communication - it goes a long way when people know every detail of information about what needs doing, what's going on etc. Attention to detail is key, and the more detail, the better!

Overall my 10 years at Secura have been very happy times.