With our trade customers, it can be the case that we are fully aware of many aspects of labelling, material / adhesive options and aware of many of the details that can be the difference between getting a job right and very wrong!

However occasionally even our most knowledgeable trade customers need help. This was the case for one when labels they were sourcing from a competitor were going badly wrong with tens of thousands of labels being rejected and there was a danger of them losing their end-user account. At their request we visited as their representative and were able to spot the issue within a few minutes. While this visit didn’t result in us winning the label work (it was a little out of our usual remit) we were able to offer a solution resulting in a happy customer and end-user. We know that offering this kind of service to our customers, whether we win work because of it or not, sets us apart from our competitors. Be safe in the knowledge that we will always go above and beyond! 

The same Trade customer had another problem a while after, where their customer was chasing for a delivery that we sent out direct.  We needed to make sure that the item had definitely been sent and they wouldn’t be without their labels all weekend. We got a lovely review in exchange for our efforts, which makes it all worth it! See below.

 “I would like to commend Secura Labels for their excessively good customer service and reaction times. We had a label delivery issue late on a Friday with a customer and although the fault was in no part yours, Pip your Marketing manager, having already left work, managed to contact your operations manager who went back to work at 9pm on a Friday night to check whether the labels had been despatched. He offered to take more labels out on a Saturday if the customer had not received the original delivery. This is fantastic customer service and great teamwork between Pip and Richard which I do appreciate. Thank you.”