How much is the delivery cost?
Our standard delivery charge is £12.95 – this is for a next day service – we can offer a morning delivery, Same-day and Weekend delivery at appropriate additional cost.

How long will it take for me to receive my labels?
Our general process time is around 10 working days – but at certain times this can fluctuate, also some materials can have longer lead times, please contact us to find out our current lead times and please let us know if you have an urgent job.

What is your minimum order quantity?
None – We do not have a MOQ as such, but in reality once below 1,000 labels the price becomes practically “flat”.

Are you able to produce the artwork?
Yes, send in your draft and we can offer a design service.

What is the difference between outside and inside wound?
Winding is one of the most critical points, especially if your labels are machine / automatically applied – inside / outside, Left Right or Head Foot lead, 25mm, 38mm, 44mm or 76mm cores – make sure you advise at the quote stage!

What kind of adhesives do you have available?
From the lowest tack window peel, specialist freezer/chill, high-tac Tyre adhesives through to the latest compostable and sustainable products, we work with our suppliers to find a solution for you needs.

Do you offer any samples?
Yes, you can click here to request a free sample pack from us, let us know if you would like a range or something more particular.

What kind of labels can you make?
If we were to list the whole range of labels we can produce, we would be here all week, however if you can click here to look at a small range of what we can offer. If you don’t see what you need on here then give us a call on 01530 515 170 and we’ll let you know if we can do it. If we can’t do it then we can send you the details of someone that does!