The range of labels, which while seasonal, should grow to 20 – 30 variants during 2019 and with our range of presses we can offer a solution to the different quantities required - from a few thousand of some lines to hundreds of thousands of others. Fortunately, the success of this project has led to further enquiries and we are pleased to say, the customer has grown from a spend of a few thousand pounds to a large key account.  We managed to achieve this by having our staff going the extra mile whilst thinking ahead. So rather than just looking at the initial label request we were able to look at the overall bigger picture. We took the time to visit the end users store to view the range of labels and products so we could not only see what their usage was but acquire the knowledge we needed to quote accurately and advise them going forward. Having the best price is not the only reason we win and retain customers – our knowledge and our quality product along with our ability to go above and beyond is also key.